What We Believe

What we Believe and teach at Acts of Grace

1. We believe in the inspired and infallible word of God. 2 Tim. 3:16

2. We believe in God our Father, Jesus His son and the Holy Spirit that takes up His residence in us.

3. We believe that the gifts of the Spirit are still in use today, building up the body in Christ. Rom. 12:6-8, 1 Cor. 12-14

4. We believe that salvation is only through Christ Jesus our Lord. We can't earn it, it is by grace through Christ in faith alone. Eph. 2:8-10

5. We believe that we have been redeemed from sin to a new life in Christ. Our sinful ways have been crucified with Christ and we now live by faith (sanctification). We are no longer sinners but saints. 2 Cor 5:17, Gal. 2:20

6. We believe that just as sure as Jesus the son of God was born a virgin birth, went about doing good, died on the cross and raised on the third day, He is coming back for us. John 14:1-4

7. We believe in the church, Christ's body was instituted by Christ and for Christ. This same body is made up of people from every nation, every language and every skin color. There is no difference and no partiality. Mat. 16:17-19, Gal.3:9

8. We believe that all believers no matter where they live, what church they attend or what their gifts are, they are to share in the great commission to GO and make disciples. Mat. 28:19-20, Acts 1:8 Eph. 4:12 

Now there are many more doctrinal truths that we believe and for a more complete description contact us or be our guest and join us as we honor God in all that we do.

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